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Landilex lawfirm is highly skilled in the assistance on environmental law, chemical law and energy law.

The Lawfirm has been founded by Giovanna Landi who, together with her colleagues, offer to clients her experience and professional skills on specific topics, subject to dedicated and technical regulation.

The Lawfirm is specialised in environmental law, assisting clients on environmental procedures (such as EIA, SEA and IED Directive plants), due diligence, waste and pollution management (such as clean up and recovery procedures) as well as sectoral fields, such as electromagnetic pollution, odour pollution, electromagnetic pollution.

The Lawfirm is also specialised in chemicals legislation (with specific regard to REACH, CLP, Biocidal Products and PIC Regulations) and assists chemical companies to comply with such framework as well as in case of inspections and in the process of registration, authorisation, data sharing at national and European level.

The Lawfirm has a group of professionals dedicated to energy and town planning law, as well as public contracts law, having a relevant experience in the development of energy projects (with specific regard to renewables), energy efficiency projects and brownfields redevelopment.

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