Giovanna Landi

Giovanna Landi is founder and titular of Landilex. She is specialised in administrative law with a relevant experience in environmental and energy law, chemicals regulation, town planning law and public contracts, with more than ten years of practice by international lawfirms. She graduated at the University of Bologna with a Master in Environmental Management by the S. Anna School in Pisa and an LLM in International and European Energy and Environmental Law by the Rijksuniversitat of Leuven (Belgium). She is visiting professor at the LUMSA University in Rome, she takes regularly seminars and courses on her fields of expertise.



Legal Assistant

Sabrine Luisetti graduated by the Milan University in 2014, joined Landilex in 2019. She is specialised in environmental, town planning and chemicals legislation. She worked in a lawfirm specialised in administrative law.


Legal Assistant

Elena Gnocchi graduated by the Cattolica University in Milan in 2016, joined Landilex in the same year. She is specialised on administrative law, with special regard to chemical regulation.


Legal Assistant

Ilenia Monella graduated by the Cattolica University in Milan on April 2019, joined Landilex on the same year. She cooperates in the fields of environmental law, energy law and chemicals law.


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